Chattanooga Tree Services

Tree Removal

Although beautiful trees add much to the curb appeal and the value of a home, some trees may be candidates for tree removal. Some trees need to be removed due to damage it is causing to the area, or due to blocking too much sunlight, or even blocking a beautiful Chattanooga view. Many trees have been planted too close to the house and threaten the integrity of the home due to the extending roots. The roots could be breaking up the sidewalks or the driveway. Some trees shade the yard so much, the homeowner cannot grow the landscaping desired or even a nice lawn. We have seen some roofs covered in moss and/or mildew due to too much shade from trees. In our area, there are many gorgeous mountain views to be enjoyed. Sometimes trees have grown to block these views and the homeowner desires tree removal.

Dead trees are a liability and require tree removal. The homeowner is responsible to remove a dead tree or face possible law suits from harm occurred to neighboring property or persons. Chattanooga Tree Service is trained to diagnose a tree as dead, or diseased, or one with the potential to live and regain good health. We can look at the position of the tree in the yard and discern the best way to remove it without damage to the lawn and structures.

Sometimes trees have been infested with insects and are in decline. Chattanooga Tree Service can diagnose this and determine the health of the tree.

Chattanooga Tree Service specializes in difficult tree removal as well with the use of our 105-foot crane. We can use it and/or our bucket truck in order to remove the tree as safely as possible.

Crane removing top of tree

After the tree is down, we use our whole-tree chipper that can chip a tree up to 18" in diameter. If the homeowner desires, we can leave the chips in a designated spot to be used as mulch. Or we will carry them off. Chattanooga Tree Service is a complete service and will not leave you with the mess to clean up.

Tree Chipper feed the back of a Truck

Most homeowners want the stump removed from the tree as well. See section on Stump Removal for more on this service.

After tree removal, Chattanooga Tree Service can advise you as to the most desirable trees to plant. Our owner is an expert in knowing what trees will add to the value of your home. He can tell you the trees that are messier and will require more maintenance than you might desire, and even the kind that might look beautiful, but are known for splitting and causing damage. Where a tree is planted in the yard is most important as well. Some trees let in more light for a beautiful lawn while others add more shade if a natural area is desired.

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Tree Pruning

In order to continue to enjoy your trees without harm to your house or roof, it is often necessary to prune them. A tree that has limbs growing over the home is a potential threat to your property when a Chattanooga storm hits. Removing these limbs takes skilled professionals that have been trained by an employer with almost 45 years of experience in doing such work. This will not only prevent storm damage to your property, but will also make for a healthier tree.

Using a Bucket Truck to Prune Trees

Chattanooga Tree Service has trained professionals that know the best way to prune your trees not only for their health but to add to the beauty of their shape. Trees often lose their attractive shape as they grow due to various conditions. Tree pruning can help them be an asset to the landscaping of your home. See Tree Injections to learn more ways we can help you encourage healthy growth in your trees.

Sometimes a tree is leaning or is made up of double or triple trunks. These are potential problems in storms. Our drought has caused significant problems for trees like this in our area, too. A trained Chattanooga Tree Service professional can advise the homeowner on trees that should be pruned in order to avoid losing the tree altogether.

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Storm Damage

Chattanooga is known for strange weather problems, often with blustery storms and many trees uprooted or broken from lightning, winds or even tornadoes. Chattanooga Tree Service has been answering your calls for years to help you when disaster strikes. We can recognize if a tree has been struck by lightning or damaged by wind. If a tree is broken or uprooted and falls on structures on your property, we are familiar with what the standard homeowners’ insurance policy will cover and what it will not. We will work with the various insurance companies in order to be sure to guide you in reporting to them so you can get your correct compensation for not only repairing the damage caused by the tree on the structure on your property but also for the value of the tree that has been lost.

Tree fallen on a house

Sometimes storm damage occurs from one property to another. We are familiar with the laws concerning who is responsible for what part of the repair when this happens. If your living tree falls on your neighbor’s property, call us to verify this and advise you on your responsibilities. We all want to be a good neighbor, and sometimes a tree specialist can help keep neighbors as friends when disaster strikes.

Tree fallen on a house

When storms come, Chattanooga Tree Service will work quickly and efficiently to remove the tree so you can get your structure repaired. Our 105-foot crane is perfect for the job of removing a tree from your roof. It can quickly and safely remove the tree without causing more damage to it.

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Stump Removal

Chattanooga Tree Service has a stump grinder that will grind your stump as low as 1 foot below ground level, depending on your needs and of the layout of the land. We will make all of these possibilities clear to you as well as give you a price on the stump prior to grinding it. A small pile of fine chips will be where the stump once was. You can add soil and grow plants or grass where your tree once stood.

Stump being removed

Many customers want a stump removed immediately after tree removal. Chattanooga Tree Service can give you a better price on the stump when we grind it at the same time as performing tree removal. We can come back later when you call and grind it then as well.

Close up of a stump being removed

Other methods for stump removal can be frustrating. Excavators can pull up a stump with their big machines, but that will leave a huge hole that must be filled. This can be costly. Some try putting chemicals on the stump which is not only a very slow process of decaying the stump but is also not good for the environment as the chemicals leech into the soil around it and possibly contaminates water sources from run off.

Chattanooga Tree Service knows that its process for stump removal is the most efficient and pleasing way to finish the job of tree removal. Let us tell you what we can do for you.

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Tree Injections

Chattanooga Tree Service has beautiful trees all over Chattanooga that have been helped by our skilled professionals who feed them with injections. These injections are not dangerous chemicals that are sprayed on or around a tree but fertilizers that are actually injected into the tree itself. They increase the vigor of growth for trees and can make the difference between a tree that lives, adding beauty to your home, or a tree that dies and must be removed.

Trees need to be fed and maintained likes other parts of the landscaping in your yard. They add value to your home and can be an asset or a liability. It is important to keep trees healthy in particular during the drought we have experienced in the past several years in the Chattanooga area. We can advise you on proper watering techniques for trees so that the major roots get the water needed.

A new home needs this service most of all. Construction is hard on existing trees as the trucks drive over the roots, compacting the soil and damaging the roots below the surface. This is often not seen for several years when the trees start to die. Some homes are built around a beautiful tree only to lose it from construction damage and then the owner must call for tree removal. A wise homeowner will call Chattanooga Tree Service in order to give your existing trees the boost that they need so they will be healthy and beautiful.

Trees not only add value and beauty to your home, but they are good for our environment. They are an important part of fighting air pollution in our city. Trees are also a re-plenishable natural resource. They will grow back and can grow stronger given the right help. Oil and coal are limited resources, but trees flourish in our area.

Free estimates are available by appointment, call 423.899.5753 today.