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Stephanie L Farmer in Hixson - Tree Removal and Pruning

I'd like to thank Chattanooga Tree Service! We had them come out and quote us to remove two trees and raise the canopy on the other trees. While they were here, we asked about possibly removing 2 more trees. They quoted an unbeatable price. When the job was completed, my husband and I could not believe how amazing it looked. They raked up all of the debris and cleaned any mess that was made. They did such an awesome job that before they were finished we had 2 neighbors stop by wanting estimates. I would recommend this company and will for sure use them again in the future!!

Sam Clyatt in Ooltewah - Tree Removal

What a great company! We live in a town home community with limited yard space, fronting White Oak Mountain. Our lot is also sloped. The night and day before the removal had been very rainy. The CTS crew carefully and skillfully maneuvered their equipment into place, taking great care to protect the community sidewalks and my yard.

CTS removed the trees in about three hours and then cleaned up with the same skill and respect. One cannot tell that two vehicles had been in my rain-soaked yard.

The crew was very respectful. They conducted themselves well. There was no yelling, horseplay, or time-wasting. They consulted with me before, during, and after the job.


Ray Pritchard in Hixson - Tree Removal & Strump Grinding

We just used Chattanooga Tree Service for the 2nd time in 5 years. This time they removed 7 pine trees about 80 ft. tall from our yard that has a lot of other trees. They did a great job, did no damage and left the yard in good shape. We are sold on their professional, courteous and timely service.

Christine Ryder on Signal Mountain - Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and Brush Clearing from Power Line

My experience with Chattanooga Tree Service has been nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, they were professional and consultative, offering advice on our arborial needs. They set appropriate expectations on the manner in which the job would be performed, and delivered perfectly. They also adjusted the job based on requests I had made and exceeded my expectations. Most of all, they were on time and did what they said they would do, and did it well. I appreciate the respectful and professional manner in which Chattanooga Tree Service operates and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing tree service. Thank you for a job well done!

Bill Byrd in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Tree Service is truly the preeminent tree removal and trimming service in the Chattanooga area. Mr. Pratt, the owner, knows that you have to invest in the best equipment, and pay skillful young men if you want to get the job done. I never question his price. I know he’ll do it as cheaply as possible and still be able to make a buck. That’s the perfect recipe for quality work.

CTS Working at Bill Byrd’s

Mary Haggadone in Chattanooga - Tree & Brush Removal

This is a great company to hire for a job. The employees had to work in very limited space in order to remove some very large trees. They did a fantastic job with expert guidance up and over my house with no errors. The employees as well as the owner were very professional as well as informative and respectful to me. They also raked and cleaned up before leaving job site. I will definitely be using them in the future for other work I need to have done. I am a true believer to keep any and all trees away from my home "before the storm". There is never enough insurance to cover trees/limbs falling on your home as well as being homeless while waiting on repairs. I am a very pleased customer with the service I received as well as the price. I did get other estimates for less, but I was not comfortable with the answers they gave me, as well as avoiding the subject in regards to Liability Insurance, and Workmans Comp Insurance which I had a concern with as a home owner.

Martin Bourquin in Collegedale - Tree Removal / Trimming

We would like to thank Chattanooga Tree Service for the great job that they did. We contacted Chattanooga Tree Service to get 6 trees trimmed and 2 trees evaluated. They recommended that we consult the UT Agricultural Center for another opinion about our 65 foot oak tree. They then came out and evaluated the tree and agreed with the Ag Center to save the tree and trim it, even though removing the tree would have cost significantly more. The crew that worked on our trees was professional, hard-working, knowledgeable and pleasant. They worked closely with us to ensure that we were satisfied with the results and did a great job cleaning up. We are extremely happy and feel like this is the way our yard should have looked all along.

Laura Carson - Storm Damage

I would like to thank Chattanooga Tree Service for your quick response to and professional removal of a large tree that fell on my father’s house during a recent storm. Although the tree was difficult to get to, extended the full length of the house and did significant damage to the roof, you had the equipment needed to reach it, a skilled team of workmen to remove it, and temporarily cover and patch the roof so that there was no further water damage to the house and then carried it away, leaving the house ready for reconstruction.

I would not hesitate to use Chattanooga Tree Service in the future and in fact, have scheduled additional “precautionary” tree work with you.

Thank you!

Tree on the Carson house Crane Lifting tree trunk off of house The carson house ready for repair Inspecting the damage

Casper Cox in East Ridge - Tree Removal

About 5 years ago the Pine Beetle infestation killed many of my tall pines and several were in danger of falling on my neighbors house. I had worked with John before, so I asked him to look the situation over and together we worked out a plan. His crew did an excellent job of taking down about 30 dead pines and cutting them into 2' lengths that we lined the wooded property line with. The crew then ground up all the smaller limbs and branches into wood chips which I spread over several areas including a small orchard I decided to establish. What was a dangerous stand of dead pine is now a nice orchard bearing apples, pears and plums.

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