Chattanooga Tree Service Equipment

Chattanooga Tree Service Inc. has the equipment to get the job done.

Tracked Lift

Chattanooga Tree Service's Tracked Lift

The Tracked Lift has a 90' vertical reach and 50' horizontal reach to get to those tough limbs that are over houses and electric wires. It is equipped with tracks that will go across lawns with minimal effect on the yard. It fits through a 4' gate and can go across uneven and sloped yards where a bucket truck is not able to go. This makes it much safer for our employees and your property.


Chattanooga Tree Service's Bobcat

Our Bobcat is a very versatile machine with several attachments. The bucket/grapple can be used for logs or brush and other debris. It also is equipped with a bush hog and forestry mower for cleaning up overgrown areas such as fence lines and wooded lots. It comes with rubber tracks that are easier on the yard.


Chattanooga Tree Service's Cranes

We have two cranes. The large 140' crane is capable of reaching over a house to remove a tree or for storm damage where trees have fallen on the house. By using the cranes, we do not have to drop trees in the yard which could leave large holes, or do damage to other trees and landscape or to sprinklers or to septic lines. We have a somewhat smaller 85' crane that is easier to maneuver in order to get into backyards. It has large turf tires for minimal impact to lawns. We also carry thick plywood and pads to put down if the yard is soft due to rain.

Chipper and Chip Truck

Chattanooga Tree Service's Chipper and Chip Truck

The chipper is called "The Intimidator" because it can chip a tree or a limb up to 18" in diameter. Along with the crane which lays the limb down close to the chipper, we can make a big tree disappear in just minutes.

Grapple Truck

Chattanooga Tree Service's Grapple Truck

This truck is similar to what the city uses for tree clean up. It can load either brush or logs. This is especially useful for storm damage clean up where the trees have already been blown down or fallen.

Bucket Truck

Chattanooga Tree Service's Bucket Truck

We use our 75' bucket truck for doing tree work that is close to the roadway.

Stump Grinder

Chattanooga Tree Service's Stump Grinder

Our stump grinder comes on tracks to protect your lawn and to get to hard places. It can fit through a 3' gate.