Chattanooga Tree Removal

Although beautiful trees add much to the curb appeal and the value of a home, some trees may be candidates for tree removal. Some trees need to be removed due to damage it is causing to the area, or due to blocking too much sunlight, or even blocking a beautiful Chattanooga view. Many trees have been planted too close to the house and threaten the integrity of the home due to the extending roots. The roots could be breaking up the sidewalks or the driveway. Some trees shade the yard so much, the homeowner cannot grow the landscaping desired or even a nice lawn. We have seen some roofs covered in moss and/or mildew due to too much shade from trees. In our area, there are many gorgeous mountain views to be enjoyed. Sometimes trees have grown to block these views and the homeowner desires tree removal.

Dead trees are a liability and require tree removal. The homeowner is responsible to remove a dead tree or face possible law suits from harm occurred to neighboring property or persons. Chattanooga Tree Service is trained to diagnose a tree as dead, or diseased, or one with the potential to live and regain good health. We can look at the position of the tree in the yard and discern the best way to remove it without damage to the lawn and structures.

Sometimes trees have been infested with insects and are in decline. Chattanooga Tree Service can diagnose this and determine the health of the tree.

Chattanooga Tree Service specializes in difficult tree removal as well with the use of our 105-foot crane. We can use it and/or our bucket truck in order to remove the tree as safely as possible.

Crane removing top of tree

After the tree is down, we use our whole-tree chipper that can chip a tree up to 18" in diameter. If the homeowner desires, we can leave the chips in a designated spot to be used as mulch. Or we will carry them off. Chattanooga Tree Service is a complete service and will not leave you with the mess to clean up.

Tree Trunk Removal

Most homeowners want the stump removed from the tree as well. See the section on Stump Removal for more information about this service.

After tree removal, Chattanooga Tree Service can advise you as to the most desirable trees to plant. Our owner is an expert in knowing what trees will add to the value of your home. He can tell you the trees that are messier and will require more maintenance than you might desire, and even the kind that might look beautiful, but are known for splitting and causing damage. Where a tree is planted in the yard is most important as well. Some trees let in more light for a beautiful lawn while others add more shade if a natural area is desired.

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