Chattanooga Tree Pruning

In order to continue to enjoy your trees without harm to your house or roof, it is often necessary to prune them. A tree that has limbs growing over the home is a potential threat to your property when a Chattanooga storm hits. Removing these limbs takes skilled professionals that have been trained by an employer with almost 45 years of experience in doing such work. This will not only prevent storm damage to your property, but will also make for a healthier tree.

Using a Bucket Truck to Prune Trees

Chattanooga Tree Service has trained professionals that know the best way to prune your trees not only for their health but to add to the beauty of their shape. Trees often lose their attractive shape as they grow due to various conditions. Tree pruning can help them be an asset to the landscaping of your home. See Tree Injections to learn more ways we can help you encourage healthy growth in your trees.

Sometimes a tree is leaning or is made up of double or triple trunks. These are potential problems in storms. Our drought has caused significant problems for trees like this in our area, too. A trained Chattanooga Tree Service professional can advise the homeowner on trees that should be pruned in order to avoid losing the tree altogether.

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