Chattanooga Tree Injections

Chattanooga Tree Service has beautiful trees all over Chattanooga that have been helped by our skilled professionals who feed them with injections. These injections are not dangerous chemicals that are sprayed on or around a tree but fertilizers that are actually injected into the tree itself. They increase the vigor of growth for trees and can make the difference between a tree that lives, adding beauty to your home, or a tree that dies and must be removed.

Trees need to be fed and maintained likes other parts of the landscaping in your yard. They add value to your home and can be an asset or a liability. It is important to keep trees healthy in particular during the drought we have experienced in the past several years in the Chattanooga area. We can advise you on proper watering techniques for trees so that the major roots get the water needed.

A new home needs this service most of all. Construction is hard on existing trees as the trucks drive over the roots, compacting the soil and damaging the roots below the surface. This is often not seen for several years when the trees start to die. Some homes are built around a beautiful tree only to lose it from construction damage and then the owner must call for tree removal. A wise homeowner will call Chattanooga Tree Service in order to give your existing trees the boost that they need so they will be healthy and beautiful.

Trees not only add value and beauty to your home, but they are good for our environment. They are an important part of fighting air pollution in our city. Trees are also a re-plenishable natural resource. They will grow back and can grow stronger given the right help. Oil and coal are limited resources, but trees flourish in our area.

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