Tree Health advice from CTS

A healthy tree is the best prevention against disease and insect infestation. Preventative measures such as annual feeding and weekly watering during dry summer days are the best way to keep your tree healthy and free from disease.

Signs of Tree Stress

  1. 1. An unusual amount of dead limbs
  2. 2. Die-back at the tips of the branches
  3. 3. Foliage is thin; fewer leaves than usual
  4. 4. Leaves are anemic-looking (light green or yellowish)

Causes of Tree Stress

  1. 1. Construction—digging within the drip line or physical damage to the bark
  2. 2. Compaction—driving over the root area especially with heavy equipment
  3. 3. Concrete or asphalt covering the root area
  4. 4. Fill dirt covering the root area
  5. 5. Drought or flooding
  6. 6. Improper pruning— crown removal can severely damage your trees
  7. 7. Insects and disease

Treatment of Tree Stress

  1. 1. Feed and prune annually for prevention
  2. 2. Feed and prune immediately after construction
  3. 3. Trim injuries properly for best healing
  4. 4. Don’t install field line and irrigation systems within 15 feet of the trunk
  5. 5. Don’t build patios and driveway around or close to trees
  6. 6. Water trees during drought—water 4 or 5 hours with sprinkler in a 15' radius around each tree once per week
  7. 7. Provide good drainage so water doesn’t sit in puddles for long periods of time
  8. 8. Prune trees correctly for good health, safety and appearance

Remember: If you wait until your tree has severe die-back, it probably cannot be saved. Get help early from a tree professional. Chattanooga Tree Service can help save your trees.