Chattanooga Storm Damage

Chattanooga is known for strange weather problems, often with blustery storms and many trees uprooted or broken from lightning, winds or even tornadoes. Chattanooga Tree Service has been answering your calls for years to help you when disaster strikes. We can recognize if a tree has been struck by lightning or damaged by wind. If a tree is broken or uprooted and falls on structures on your property, we are familiar with what the standard homeowners' insurance policy will cover and what it will not. We will work with the various insurance companies in order to be sure to guide you in reporting to them so you can get your correct compensation for not only repairing the damage caused by the tree on the structure on your property but also for the value of the tree that has been lost.

Tree fallen on a house

Sometimes storm damage occurs from one property to another. We are familiar with the laws concerning who is responsible for what part of the repair when this happens. If your living tree falls on your neighbor’s property, call us to verify this and advise you on your responsibilities. We all want to be a good neighbor, and sometimes a tree specialist can help keep neighbors as friends when disaster strikes.

Tree fallen on a house

When storms come, Chattanooga Tree Service will work quickly and efficiently to remove the tree so you can get your structure repaired. Our 140' and 85' cranes are perfect for the job of removing a tree from your roof. It can quickly and safely remove the tree without causing more damage to it.

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